Assignment writing guidelines

Assignment Writing Guideline

  1. Your lecture notes will give you the basic framework ONLY of the ideas, theories, and concepts you will need to complete the assignment. These notes will therefore NOT be sufficient on their own. You will need to make use of the required reading, extra references and any other material you come across in the course of researching your assignment.
  2. Assignments must be typed, using double spacing. Use font ‘Times New Roman’ with font size 12 and regular font style. Allow uniform margins on all sides. 2.5 cm is the standard.
  3. The front page must clearly specify the course name and number, the assignment title, the student name and roll no., the lecturer’s name, the actual word count and the date of submission.
  4. Put as much as a possible example and figures in your assignment to get maximum marks.
  5. Assignment must be above 2000-3000 words and submitted in MS word 2013 or previous
  6. Pages should be numbered accordingly. The page number is inserted in number format and centered at the bottom of the page. Do not number the title page.
  7. Plagiarism (the submission in whole or part of work not originating from the student) will be awarded a maximum of 40%.
  8. All students must adhere to the modified Harvard referencing system as it is used according to the guidance provided by the Institute library and its staff.

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