Introduction to mass transfer

Fluid mechanics, heat transfer and mass transfer are the related branches of transport phenomenon.

There are both similarities and dissimilarities among these three.


  • They all are similar in their behavior. They all move stuff ¬†such as Momentum, Heat, or Mass from a place where there is a lot of the stuff to a place where there is less stuff.
  • In terms of base law all of these ¬†follows to 2 ideas:
    • The rate of change of stuff is proportional to some driving force (gradient of momentum, temperature or concentration)
    • Conservation of mass and energy.

Some remarks:

  1. What are the comparison among transport phenomenon.
  2. What is the difference between mass flow and mass transfer? Give some daily life example of these.

Different types of transport their corresponding driving forces, flux equations, coefficients and common name of transport phenomenon have been presented in the following table:

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